"She wasn't born cold. It was the only thing that welcomed her with open arms"

Katerina Petrova. Katherine Pierce is my name. 18/538

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So; as of today Katherine will be on hiatus until TVD starts up again or just for.. forever

Thank you to everyone i’ve ever rp’d with. You’ve made my experience in TVD fandom amazing. Now, I’ve moved on to TW and 50 Shades of Grey

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While Katherine's on Hiatus i'll be here

Katherine will be going on a Hiatus— I might come back, maybe not

Meanwhile; you can rp with Katherine mun (Haylee) 


"Let's have sex" * pass this to the 5 first blogs of your dash and see how they react ಠ◡ಠ

"Why not, I’ll check you off my list of Mikaelson’s to sleep with"



"Er, no…"


"Well, Hi. I’m Katherine"


  • upside to tumblr's new 'activity' feature: i know who my stalker are
  • downside to tumblr's new 'activity' feature: people are going to know i stalk them


"Do you ever think about how pretty girls looks with curly hair? Or just period —- like how do they do it?"


"Are you drunk?"



  • Care: I like casual but...
  • Care: I need something sexy too. That's why I've asked called you!
  • Kat: Please tell me you owe a pair of sexy pumps. Or high heeled booties